Waiting for your User Key?

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If you are waiting for your user key means that you are a YWeather backer. THANK YOU!

The key generation process is manual at this point. I'm working hard to automate it and pretty soon you'll get your key real time, but unfortunately at this point you can expect a small delay between your contribution and getting the user key. This delay is usually less than 24h, but in some key dates it could be up to 48h.

The user key is sent to your email  linked to your PayPal account. Please ensure that email is still active and if not, contact me so I can resend your key to the email address you prefer (please include the email address related to your PayPal account in the message so I easily identify you).

If after 48h you don't get your user key something really weird is happening. Please check your spam folder and ensure your user key is not incorrectly tagged as spam (you will get an email from pebbleweather@gmail.com).

You can also contact me for getting more details about the status of your key, but please check your spam folder first.